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Taking marketing to the next level with Stephen Barrett

February 14, 2016
Stephen Barrett is an experienced marketing officer, and the founder of and Chief Customer Officer of Iron Marketing Partners, a boutique consulting firm focused on select financial services brands. He has more than twenty five years marketing experience in the United States and Canada. Mr. Barrett is a professional specialist in branding, Relationship Management, Spin doctoring, promotion, Product Management & Development, Marketing Communications, Marketing Strategy, Market Analysis & Development. He is also the co-founder of Classic Investment Managers, which was acquired by DST Systems in 2010.

Stephen Barrett studied bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from Wesleyan University and landed his first job as a marketer in the 90s. His first job was with the Fidelity investments. at Fidelity, his primary duties included marketing, products development, new business development, corporate strategy and branding. Undeniably, even though Mr. Barrett trained as a mathematician and economics, he has proven to be one of the smart marketers. He has led numerous marketing teams and won numerous awards in the process. Among the awards under his name are the industrial award for brand campaigns, sales success, creative design, content excellence, and philanthropic initiatives.

Mr. Barrett has been a leader in various positions as a marketer. The latest position he held as a marketer was that of Chief Marketing Officer for Mariner Holdings. He served as the senior vice president as well as director of marketing at Waddell & Reed/Ivy Funds before moving to Eaton Vance as its managing director and chief marketing officer. He is a good track record of fast-tracking sales and profit growth. He currently serves as the Chief Brand Ambassador for MindLift.